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Comstock: White Shaman Preserve (Rock Art Foundation)

White Shaman Preserve (Rock Art Foundation)

The White Shaman Preserve is one of the most well-photographed pictograph sites in the lower Pecos. On its walls is encapsulated the basic religious principles of the prehistoric inhabitants of the Lower Pecos region and the New World in general. The flight of the shaman to the land of spirits and his metaphorical death and rebirth are a message from the past about humanity's quest for solutions to life's mystery. The White Shaman Site is a 250' descent into a narrow brushy canyon. It can be extremely hot and humid. The trail is steep with loose rocks and uneven footing. The 90 - minute roundtrip tour is approx. 1.5 miles - this is a strenuous hike. This site is located on private land and tour reservations through the Rock Art Foundation are required.


  • 42535 West U.S. Highway 90
  • Comstock, Texas
  • 78837



  • Contact for reservations and pricing.



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