Texas Pecos Trail Region

Participant in the Texas Historical Commission's
Texas Heritage Trails Program

Museum of the Desert Southwest

Historic trails forded the Pecos River nearby at Horsehead Crossing. Artifacts from the crossing — such as gun shell casings, pottery shards and a Gold Rush pistol — are displayed at the Museum of the Desert Southwest. Other exhibits recall pioneer ranch life, including a 48-piece spur and bit collection and an 1890 Studebaker chuckwagon. Unusual relics include a Prohibition-era whiskey still and a hospital “shoe tester” that detected static electricity in the days when explosive ether and chlorophyll were used as anesthetics.


  • 409 S. Gaston Street
  • Crane, Texas
  • 79731


Hours & Fees

  • Monday - Friday 9 a.m.- 12 p.m.

  • Free